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Saturday, 16 January 2016

New starts

This Amaryllis has six buds, 
I checked the box and it's nothing special
Apple Blossom
Fliss was home last night
having a sort out of her room and she found this book
she has got it for my birthday last November and then tucked it away
I don't have loads of note books, I use my computer and iPad,
but I love this one.
New start, Joyful World
This is a stitch along with 12 parts, each square is one month
I am stitching on 28 count linen
you can see it here
I note I have a few more followers, welcome I hope you like what you see, please feel happy to comment, I will visit your blogs soon as well.
We have had a heavy frost this morning, every where was white, so I went back to bed for a hour to see if it would warm up, it's now very sunny but bloody cold. Tomorrow we have a chance of waking up to snow.
I am wearing my new bargain cardi, and it's lovely and warm, later we have to pop to town, we require a new Microwave, the enamel at the bottom of the inside of the door is damaged and we would prefer not to use it. I also would like some more tea mugs, ours are past their best, I do like to have matching mugs, we also broke a couple of dinner plates late last year, which we will replace.
Later hubby has to be measured for the wedding hire suits, things are really happening here towards the wedding in April.
I saw Win and was shocked, she hit herself as she fell against the door frame and is covered in bruises, she is purple with huge bruises including her face, they have found she gets short of oxygen, they will keep in for a little longer, she looked very small sat in the huge hospital chair, but she is in good spirits, we all hope to see her home soon.  Family are visiting this weekend, so I will see her next week.


  1. Your notebook cover will be almost finished by next post I bet lol. Sorry to hear about Win X it's been a had white frosty sunny day here too, but the sunshine has gone now.

  2. I checked out the link to your new start . . this is going to be so neat!

  3. Best wishes being sent to Win.

    Such a beautiful notebook and your flower is doing really well. Enjoy working on the Joyful World SAL

  4. Your notebook looks very good - I like the choice of colours.

    Hope you get a good microwave, many of the shops have sales on at the moment. Do you often find that crockery needs replacing at the same time, there are some great designs out there, you'll have plenty to choose from.

    Take Care -it's certainly getting colder

    All the best Jan

  5. Pretty notebook and great start on the Joyful SAL.

  6. Hope Win is well soon. Enjoy the family visits this week-end. The flower is going to be spectacular!! I love the new pattern you are starting.

  7. Apple Blossom is the one I grew last year, it bloomed twice within a few months, nothing this year but leaves I have a new one I was given but havent go it started yet, looking forward to see your new stitching taking shape :-)

  8. Love the notebook, really pretty. You like matching mugs....I like individual non-matching ones!

  9. I hope that Win will be home soon. Your notebook is very pretty isn't it! xx

  10. Best wishes to win. Your notebook is really pretty.

  11. Love your new start Marlene.


  12. What a pretty note book. I shall be intrigued to see your amaryllis with six flower heads. Hope they all flower at once wit will be spectacular!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  13. I hope Wyn is able to leave hospital soon. What a pretty notebook cover! Mike would like everything to match never mind mugs - alas poor soul met me & my love of mismatching things! x



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