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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

And back again

This is just beautiful
The colours are true in this photo

 I'm not sure if I will get all six open at the same time
 Plus an Orchid
 Joyful World
unpicked and restitched
 The whole of the right side of February has been redone
I have flowers to do in January, I am thinking about changing the colours, they should be white, I have seen them done in pinks as well, I'm thinking pale blue
I also have to sort some colours in February, I don't have all required for the design, so I will have to do some matching rather than buying more.
 Not a great photo, but this is my next book.
Thank you for your kind comments yesterday, not one of you said to grow up and stop stuffing my face with chocolate biscuits. In fact most of you at one time has had that one woman who ruins every thing. I have a huge black coffee and a few more biscuits whilst writing this post, so I did not eat them all.
Hubby has purchased a new Microwave, it's bigger than the old one, he hated the small inside, he has big hands and it was always difficult for him to get things in and out. That should be the end of our spending, I hope so.
This morning my car was iced up, it was -2 outside at 6.45am, which is cold for a soft Southerner, on the way home at 3pm it had just got up to +4, and it is getting colder again. We are not going out, I was hoping to see Win, but it's just too cold out there. Our cats have been inside all day, lucky things.


  1. Yes I totally agree beautiful colours in your plant.

    Glad you manged to get a new microwave - they are so handy to use.

    I did enjoy a very nice afternoon walk today ... I wrapped up warm, and the sun was actually shining ... it was great.

    Keep warm

    All the best Jan

  2. Great start Marlene. I love these charts. I have them but haven't started yet.


  3. I've kept inside all day. It's perishing out there.

  4. No ice here :( I feel as if winter will never arrive! Is that the cross sticth along that Jo posted about the other day. I think I will join as I really do like the look of it.xx

  5. Absolutely beautiful flower!!! You will have to let me know what you think of the book. I have read several of hers and enjoyed them. I recently finished "The Seven Sisters" and liked it very much. What a delightful little stitching project!

  6. Glad I didn't have to go out yesterday - just got on with my knitting!

  7. Eeek, showing me more of the Stitch Along just makes me want to join in, I don't think I'm going to be able to resist. It was very frosty here this morning but it's supposed to warm up again from tomorrow, very strage winter weather indeed.

  8. Not seen that book, will have to look out for it.
    Your amaryllis is looking stunning
    Joyful SAL looks great
    Still cold here and I have the school run soon....



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