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Thursday, 28 January 2016

1st month on 52 things

So January is almost up, and how am I doing, 
I have two items to sort this week and weekend, 
1st wash my car, 
but it's cold so I will take it to a local, loads of guys who wash it for you place, 
2nd do something for charity,
 I have two bags to go to a charity shop, 
but I would like to do something different. 
I have completed number one visit godson and hope to see him a few more times this year. On the plus side, we eat sat at the table every night for our dinner, we have had one meat free meal each week, and our recipes are growing, trying this tomorrow
Given to me from the 12 days of Christmas swap, hubby is doing a vegetable curry,  I have never eaten chick peas. We are sticking to seasonal fruit and veg, and no snacking. I walk each evening after work, just 10-15 minutes but it feels good. I am taking time each week to ensure my nails have polish on and they look good. I have finished my good book and have a couple more lined up. I have been looking at making my own design in cross stitch, one to share with every one, and I have done some card work, cutting templates ready to make cards.
 So I am pleased, it's a good start, 
I still have 18 left to fill, but they will come later in the year.

I think the January blues have caught up with me, it's probably all the chatter in work, we had our meeting yesterday, we knew more than the bosses were telling us, all they would say is the department would not be in the building after 31.03.16, they could not say if we would all go over, or if we would have to apply for a role with the new company or if we would all lose our jobs. By saying nothing, they would not comment if there were other roles we could move to. I am resigned to us going at the end of March. I have put my CV out and have spoken to one agency, time will tell. The issues have started in the office again, loads of work all with problems was found in the back of a drawer this morning. Also some of my printed emails trying to resolve problems was found on Dickies desk, no one put them there, lucky Dickie knows the problems I had before, I am expecting work from my pending file to go missing again. It's so childish.
Josh and Sam came after school, and we all sat down to a fish and chip meal, which was lovely, both boys are so very happy at this time, so we had loads of fun.
All I have done this week is sit and stitch, I am still stitching with red and white thread, I will go back to finishing my cushion over the weekend.


  1. And then management wonder why colleagues don't trust them or believe a word they say - isn't there a facility for you to lock your work away - it might give you a little protection - good luck xxx

  2. You sound well on track, let's hope it means a great year ahead - for work issues too xx

  3. I'm sorry that you've got to deal with office unpleasantness AND work uncertainty at the same time. I hope the situation after March becomes clearer soon. Jx

  4. Good job your private life is so positive! Work sounds like a nightmare.

  5. Saddens me when work colleagues play dirty in times of stress.
    Have a wonderful relaxing weekend.

  6. I think it is times like this where you need to concentrate on the good things in life like fish and chips with the grand sons. Work sounds like a real pain!

  7. You've got off to a great start with your 52 things. Uncertainty at work creates such a horrible atmosphere, doesn't it? I remember working for a company where they had major reshuffles just about every six months where everyone was having to reapply for their jobs and positions became redundant, it wasn't an enjoyable work environment. I hope it all sorts itself out for you soon.

  8. Glad you are doing well on your list. I hope that the problems at work will actually result in some good changes and perhaps a new start will bring new good things. That is what I am hoping for you anyway. It is all very unsettling though I do realise from my own family experiences. Hang on in there and hope for the best. Hugs to you. xx



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