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Monday, 11 January 2016

David Bowie - Starman

Last night the sky had a new star
 On earth he had loads of talent
 Loads of different faces
 Iconic music
 His music is a sound track to my life
I grew up with iconic songs, 70's was a great time for music, videos and film, so many different sounds and styles, but for me it was always David Bowie. Another talent left our earth.


  1. Very sad news. I think the word 'legend' is banded around too easily these days, it should be reserved for people who really deserve it and who are really talented such as David Bowie.

  2. So sad to lose another music icon.

  3. I too was saddened to read this news. David Bowie's music has been part of my life for decades ... he had just recently released his new album 'Blackstar' ... his music will live on.

    RIP David


  4. So sad for his family and his fans.
    This was the first thing I heard this morning on the radio alarm as it woke me.....not a nice start to the day.

  5. It is amazing to realise just how much music he made, over such a long period and so many songs in different styles that you don't even realise are his, they are just so part of our lives. Very sad. xx

  6. He shall be dearly missed, so very talented xx

  7. It is amazing how many folk of different generations, lifestyles and countries seemed to have been influenced by him over the years. I only 'discovered him' in the early 80s when he was singing 'Let's Dance, Dancing in the Street and China Girl' so those plus others are the soundtrack to my childhood x

  8. Such a pity for the world to lose such a unique talent, but his music will live on and continue to inspire for generations. Our world is richer due to his being a part of it.



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