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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Swaps Christmas 2015

Card swap from Pat
plus a lovely book marker
my card is shown here  
12 days of Christmas, sent from Mary lovely little gifts
some useful and others pretty, you took notes from my blog, so many lovely things which I will enjoy using, and some different flowers to grow. 
 My gift's for Mary, these homemde
 These purchased
 It's cushion time, I hope to finish this side soon
it has been easier to stitch the diamonds first and then fill in all the colours. 
I have finished my stash list for 2015, yet again in November and December I spent very little, total spend for the year £948.50, which is £79.04 per month, gardening was the most expensive followed by cross stitch, card making and sewing were small spends due to the stash I have at home. So I am pleased I will start again this year and see if I can cut it back more.

I have managed a 10 minute walk each day after work, it's another off my 52 things to do list. I am thinking I might publish the list next time, I still have not filled each number, but it might be nice to have a few spare spaces, for later in the year.


  1. You received some lovely things in the swap, I'm enjoying seeing what everyone sent and received, I shall be doing a post very soon. I think the amount you've spent on your hobbies this year is acceptable, there's worse things you could be spending £79.04 a month on.

  2. Hello Marlene, it was fun to see your twelve days of Christmas. Those little Christmas puddings you made are adorable. Many thanks for the lovely card you sent me. I hope your New Year is off to a great start! Hugs, Pat

  3. A great 12 Days gifts you ladies exchanged.

  4. What lovely goodies in your 12 days swap, I shall have to get mine posted xx

  5. Such pretty things in the swap. Walking is always good for you. After I did it for awhile, I got so I really enjoyed it.

  6. wow, so many lovely gifts :)
    I shall have to participate this year, i love picking out and sending gifts :) xx

  7. And the cushion is so pretty, you are very talented :) xx

  8. The walk sounds like a great idea to blow off the cobwebs. Cycled to the hairdressers today - was puffed by the time I got to the pub; good job it was not open!

  9. You sent and received such lovely things. It was a great swap to be part of wasn't it! Well done on your spending and stash busting! xx

  10. My nephew spends, in one night out, more than your average monthly hobby spend! Incredulous!



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