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Monday, 18 January 2016


Not even fully opened yet
 6 flowers to come
 Apple Blossom
 These flowers are perfect spring in our house
Yesterday Sam asked why the root was so long, we had a lesson in plants, he now knows it's a stem, it's almost as high as him. I have had to put some supports for the stem in, the plant is very top heavy.
I managed to do some work on my next book, 2015, last year I had a lot to say, so this book will be my biggest, at this point I am not enjoying all the sorting, only time will tell if I get it done.
Tonight I have to unpick most of what I stitched last night, a counting error in the 2nd box.
All change today at work, the boss gave us good news just before he left for the day, the horrible woman who caused all the problems in our team, hates her new role and is coming back next Monday, loads of long faces, nothing good in work last for long.
I'm sat here eating chocolate biscuits, really good for the waist line. 


  1. When I was at work (retired now) and we'd had a hard day or some difficult customers in - we'd sit, have a coffee and eat chocolate digestive biscuits - they became known as our 'stress relief tablets'.....when I meet up with former colleagues even now we still talk about the good old days and how most days one of us would end up running over to the local Asda for our afternoon stress relief tablets - good luck when she comes back xxx

  2. I hope that things won't be too bad at work for you, perhaps the woman will have learned a few things while she was away! xx

  3. Such a beautiful flower. Shame about the work news - maybe she'll be better this time knowing the grass wasn't greener with the other rota.

    Hope you manage to catch up with your sewing after the frog made an appearance.

  4. Maybe eating the chocolate will help deal with the annoying person coming back. Your amaryllis is beautiful. I just bought one for$7 yesterday. It is not in bloom yet but is suppose to be pure white. So sorry about the frogging.

  5. AT least the chocolate will help deal with the annoying person coming back! I just bought an amaryllis at the store for $7. It is pure white. I can't wait to see the blooms. Yours is just beautiful.

  6. There is nothing worse than not enjoying your job because of one person! My last job was made horrible because of the new owners, they just didn't know how to treat their staff and even worse they just didn't know how to treat their customers who actually paid their wages!
    Julie xxxxxx

  7. Love the pretty flower. Nothing worse than having to undo stitches!

  8. I hope the grumpy lady comes back with a renewed appreciation of what she lost in her old position and it kind and considerate to you all.

  9. Your amaryllis is gorgeous, such a pretty colour. Grrr, I hate having to unpick things, still, it's better finding the mistake now rather than later. Hope things aren't too bad at work.

  10. BOOOOOOO that she's coming back. It is always rough when one person spoils the work environment.



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