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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Weekend away

We spent the weekend at Branston Hall Hotel, it was not our first visit, we went before a couple of years ago, read about it here. Again we had perfect service, accommodation, and food. 
We were not able to walk the grounds they  weren't flooded but the grounds were very wet.

So we went into Lincoln
From the car park the cathedral and castle. 
From the walls of the castle, 
I love all the roofs all different
Looking along the walls and beyond
Interesting menu
Nothing like what they had on display today
Inside the castle walls there is a prison and chapel
The men sat inside these booths, all they could see was the preacher
the woman sat at the front on benches. 
A female cell, these bunks were removed in the day
The castle was very interesting, and worth a visit, I wish we had more time, but we only put 3 hours on the car parking, could easily have spent another hour here. The day started wet, but stayed dry enough for us to get around, the morning visit was good as we were leaving it started to fill up.
The Cathedral was stunning, they had wood carving showing the life of Jesus, we also found the Imp, which I remembered from a previous trip over 25 years ago. .
We wanted to go to The Work house, Southwell but it is closed in January, but hope to get to see it on another trip.
Saturday afternoon was spent in front of a huge fire, I finished reading The Saffron Trail, Rosanna Ley, another good book, the ending a bit predictable, I will start The Angel Tree, Lucinda Riley next. 
It was lovely to spend time with hubby, we already knew the hotel was good, I am scared to weigh myself for a few days, their meals were fantastic, all local and fresh items, I did not each lunch whilst we were away, but I know my waistline has grown. 


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip so much but it's a pity the workhouse was closed. That's the sort of place I like to visit x

  2. The sort of thing I love, I love going to Castles, Churches and Cathedrals, I love finding out about the history of a place. xx

    On another note I see you use to have a dolls house blog, can you give me any ideas on where to buy the furniture and carpets etc cheaply, thankyou.

  3. So glad you enjoyed our lovely county town. The castle is quite amazing, isn't it? I hope you managed to see Magna Carta as well - and the Charter of the Forest

  4. I've never been to Lincoln, but the castle looks amazing!

  5. I love Lincoln. Haven't been for years. I spent a year living just outside Southwell twenty years ago and know it well. Great pictures and lovely to see it again.

  6. It looks like a great trip, so many interesting things to see. Glad you had a good time.

  7. Forget the waistline. You had a good time and that's the main thing.

  8. Glad you had such a good time! I have heard many good things about Lincoln, I must go sometime! xx

  9. What an interesting place, I would loved to have walked along the wall.

  10. I visited Lincoln in 2013. One of my favorite day trips.

  11. That was such an interesting post. I really enjoyed hearing about the castle and seeing your photos. Glad you had such a nice week-end.

  12. Looks like you had a great weekend
    Julie xxx

  13. Never been to Lincoln looks an interesting place those hammocks look great, no stitching on this trip :-)

  14. Lovely pics of your weekend away.

  15. Lovely jolly-out - I am sure the waistline will return to it's normal size, it would be silly to miss out on such delish food (and I don't mean to meals off that menu board!) x



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