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Monday, 25 January 2016

New start

 Flower number 6 is opening
 Just so stunning
This is my 1st image to design, it's a special request
it will be a cushion cover, but once design is done a simple stitch
It's not Manchester United!

I played on my computer Saturday, I have a Jean Greenoff's charting disc, I often make my own designs using her programme, it great for sorting the colours required. it is very easy to insert an image, but getting the size right is another thing, just four colours, Red, Black, Gold and White. I did speak to the Sheffield football club and they are OK with me using their club badge.
We managed a couple of small local walks on Sunday to keep my steps up to 6000 a day, soon I want to increase to 7000. Sunday we finished all the evening invites for the wedding, I am just waiting for a list of name and address to add to labels for the front of envelopes.
Quiet times with the mad cat woman next door and I hope it stays that way, PC Bob popped back in to check we have not had a back lash, which would not be unexpected.
Win is now in a local nursing home, it's the same one she stayed in before Christmas, so she is already settled.
The big boss was back in the office today and told us we will be attending a meeting on Wednesday, there will be people from another site there as well, so the rumours are flying, I hope Wednesday comes quickly, and we can find out for sure. All the gossip is really getting on my nerves.
It's getting colder again, and with the black sky's it looks as if the storms are due, oh well we don't go out much on work evenings, so we will be dry and warm.


  1. There's a load of gossip and rumour at husband's work too, supposedly changes afoot....nobody knows anything but everyone's speculating. As you say, gets on your nerves....far better to wait and see what you're told officially.

  2. Ignorance really is bliss at times! It gets all gossipy and what iffy at work at our place when end of year comes when we all find out where we will be working next year!

  3. Rumour mongers do make life hard for everyone. Hope the news is good for you when you finally get the official tale.

  4. Glad things are looking up, hope that things at work look up soon too. xx

  5. Work gossip is so bad and nerve wracking! That flower is just amazing!

  6. Amaryllis looks gorgeous
    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. Sounds like life is very busy for you at present. Enjoy your project the flower is gorgeous at the start of your post. dee :-)

  8. Gossip mongers always make a situation worse! Your amaryllis is still looking good x



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