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Saturday, 3 May 2014

A finish and loads of growth

Another finish, I stitched this heart a week ago, and was longer in making it up, now Laura has received her parcel I can show it here, I am so glad she likes both items.
 European Cushion is coming along, I am adding to this corner to get a feel of the design, so far just 3 colours, they blend well, not the original shades, you all know what I am like. It's fun.
 Just a couple of flowers from the same part of the garden, 
here they get the morning sun.
Hubby is busy in the garage, humm I think he has a plan for our bikes.

 It must be summer, the big bike is out, we have had a couple of rides, but it has to be sunny and warm.
We have a weekend at home planned, if it is nice then we will pop out on the bike tomorrow. Today we have a farmers market in town, so a visit is planned, at this time of year there are loads of plants for sell.
This afternoon is back in the garden, not alot to do, still a bit early for planting most things, we were told to expect a frost last night but it missed us.
Monday both Fliss and Su will be back home so we should see them and Josh and Sam.


  1. Marlene the rug is absolutely beautiful and so is the heart and I've found a lovely place for the heart. The photos don't do the rug justice. I just need to get my project started for the rug :). Thank you so much :)

    Your gardens looking really nice - everything seems to be coming along nicely, looks like good weather for the weekend. Enjoy your bike ride and the farmers market and have a great weekend.

  2. Cute finishes Marlene. Love the colors in your new piece.


  3. Great finishes and the garden is wonderful.



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