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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Door to the garden

My door is coming along well, I did not have the correct colours for the door, so I choose from my stash, The yellows are very pale so stitching is a bit harder than expected. But with the tennis so good I am not stitching as much as normal.
 Purdy in the garden, she loves where this chair is placed, it is under our bird table, and the birds and squirrels all ignore her and feed. It is a sunny spot.
 My Jasmine has flowered, but I am disappointed, the flowers are white, they were shown as cream, oh well not much I can do, I will enjoy them any way.
 Up date on Pintrest gardening, back in May I put 4 rose cutting into potato's and planted them, no roses, but soon and unexpected crop of potato's, I did not think I had room to grow potatoes, I think we will get just one small meal from these. The shop purchased lemon grass has rooted well, so today I will purchase a nice pot for them.
 This week we had had some wonderful sun sets, 

I'm going to Hobbycraft and a garden centre with a friend today, can't say I need anything, but I will want things. Tomorrow I plan to have time with grandsons, after school, I am taking them to the beach and out for tea, I am hoping to go somewhere other than McDonald's. Thursday hubby has day off, so after his game of golf, we are off on the bike and out for dinner. Friday I am with a friend in hospital.

So busy week, before starting work on Monday. Loads of tennis on TV, no plans for this weekend, all the finals to watch.


  1. The jasmine looks lovely, vet it smells even better!

  2. Question: Why do people from the UK not use the word "the" before they say hospital? This has always bothered me . . in the US, we always put an adjective before a noun.

  3. Love the red door :) your garden looks lovely at the moment. Even one small meal of home grown potatoes will be delicious. Enjoy your busy days and bike ride :)



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