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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Change of Plan

Me change my mind, well my first stitching did not go to plan, well I did not like it, and I am really unable to stitch any thing I do not like, but, it did change to this, and I have a good plan forming in my head, it will look better after a few more stitches. 
 This is one of my favourite pots, my dad always grew daisies, they were the only flower he grew, if you could not eat it, he was not interested, mum always sorted the front flower gardens.
 My Jasmin and Lotus bertholotti are both loving sharing this pot and corner of my decking, neither has loads of flowers on, but the growth is very good, I have taken cutting off the Lotus, I do owe my neighbours plants, I have been raiding their gardens. 
 Inside the green houses, my cucumbers are coming along well, hope to pick my first one soon.
 Green peppers are forming well, I have 4 on this level of this plant and loads more flowers, I have sorted the growing conditions this year. My tomatoes are almost ready for harvest, my hope is to have a home grown salad soon.
 My Aubergine has just one flower open, but a couple more forming, last year I had only one. So I have improvements all round.
I am really loving this wonderful weather, it does help I am home just after 4pm each evening. Work is going so very well, every one in the office is just great, we have no one who wants to be different or controlling, it's such a blessing. Kev is so pleased I come home each day in such a good mood, nice change from all the stress. I did not think offices like this were still around, the work is not hard, but I do have to concentrate alot, but it is interesting.
Looking back at my 1st post of this year I now only have to sort my weight, I have made a start, just a few changes, we are walking more, so I hope to have better results soon.
It is really nice to have such a positive post, life is good, so now I'm off to potter in my garden, then later stitching.


  1. How lovely to read, life is good for you. Nothing nicer than homegrown produce, we harvested our first tomatoes for tea today with our own cucumber and salad leaves...yummy! Enjoy yours.

  2. All the greenery and such looks good. Can not wait to see what you do with the stitching.



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