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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

What would you chose

My stitching is finished, and now I want to add beads to the pale pink diamonds, here are a few from my stash, the seed bead's on the right are pink and a very good match for the pale pink stitching, but do I want to blend, or use the darker ones on the left, these are different sizes but the same colour. 
Then there are the large flower shaped bead or the purple hearts, both much larger, some times too much choice makes life harder, at this point I am liking the beads on the left.  
Work is still great, as I learn more of my task, I find I am enjoying every thing, working in such a small office is good, every one gets on and works together, no ego's. The pace is very different, slower, but we still get more done, with the huge back log, I will start to work later a couple of nights, we don't get paid overtime but, we take time off, it's always nice to have a few extra hours/days. We have a busy week next week, lots of visitors and visits out, all part of being new and getting integrated into the company.
Today I went out for lunch with hubby, just outside the nearest gate to our office is a park, with a small tea room, it was very enjoyable, I knew the park was there, but never imagined it to be so big, and full of people all ages enjoying them selves. I can see me popping there for walks on nice days.
Nothing much planned for the rest of this week, still getting over the weekend, which was so busy, housework and laundry is all up to date and my garden is looking great. We have had a few wet days, so no watering.
The hardest thing is to decide if I am going to do another quickie or get back to some of my main stitching.

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  1. Before I finish reading . . here is my bead comment . . the longer beads fro the center of the pink diamonds . . one horizontal, next vertical, etc across . . . I think that would add an interesting dimension to the diamonds.



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