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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Perfect weekend

Every thing in the garden is rosy, including this beautiful looking one, this weekend is all about rest, relax and enjoying time out side. Last night we had a BBQ with friends, and was out side until after 11pm, it was nice to catch up with everyone. 
Even the starlings have stopped fighting over their food, and are resting. 
 Yesterday hubby got another bike, it took him a while to decide, but I am so pleased he got this one, we have been out this morning, popping to a couple of biker spots, on a sunny day there is no where better than on the back of a bike.
 I have started a quickie, but have not had any sewing time in the past two days, I choose the red door, but I am doing all the flowers first, I should have it finished in a couple of days, it's for a card.

 It is so hot outside, our cats are both inside, hubby is asleep in his chair, we will pop outside in an hour, once it is cooling down, time for me to catch up with every one.
My two pieces of work from "Happy Feet", have both been claimed, the lady from Beauty Bonnet, sorry I am not sure of your name, please e-mail me on marlenejjones@gmail.com, with you address, and I will post both off. Paula sorry for the delay, but it will be posted to you this week.

Nothing planned for the rest of today, and with just one week before I start my new job, I have loads of things to do next week.

I hope you have sunshine, fun and family where ever you are.


  1. A beautiful yellow rose, I bet that smells wonderful.

  2. Your fur-babies are so pretty . . their coats are so silky and shiny.

    I LOVE the new bike . . looks "retro" to what they sell here.

    It has been a nice day here. So nice, I slept most of the early afternoon . . the heat got to me . . turned the fan up, put on short sleeves and have been awake ever since :)

    No problem about the posting . . gives me more time to stalk the post man :)



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