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Thursday, 4 July 2013

It's not about need

I went out with a friend on Tuesday, to a craft shop and garden centre
 As my title says, it's all about want, I love this pot, which looks like a milk churn, and the dahlia inside, I was looking for a pot for my lemon grass, The churn was empty and I put them together, they look good with grandad by our back door. The dahlia is Scarlet/Yellow, the flowers almost look unreal.
 The shop purchased lemon grass has rooted, so I have planted it into this pot, it's for my patio table to help keep flies away. I will let you know if it works, we have loads of flies, inside and out, another by product of having so many cats next door.
 Not done much stitching, but the door is coming along well, with my garden, tennis and friends stitching time is limited. Did not get much at the craft shop, my stash is big enough, just a few plastic trays for my storage drawer and a couple of threads.
Yesterday I spent the day with Sammy and Fliss, after school we went with Josh to the beach, had loads of fun and ice cream, followed by a fish and chip tea, took the boys home at 7pm, Sammy was worn out, he now uses the big slide and there are loads of steps each time. Loads of laughter, and Grancha popped along on his bike.


  1. Love the dahlia Marlene looks as if it has been splashed with yellow paint. Your stitching is coming along and I know what you mean about tennis and stitching ,it is my 2 weeks of the year.Oh your black and white cat reminds me of one we used to have ,I would love another but not sure if Ollie dog would.

  2. I thought of your garden yesterday w hile we were yarn shopping. We have a chain craft/ material/yarn store, Joanne's, which had the CUTEST garden accessory on sale yesterday. It was a ceramic Welly . . white with pink and green polka-dots.

    I just HAD to have it. . . since I can't find them to fit my chubby caves, I shall find one to plant flowers in.

    Not this year, but next year. I already have WAY TO MANY plants on my front porch steps . . . but this one will have a place of honor next year :)

  3. Lovely stitching.
    I love dahlias, always so bright and cheery and they last for ages.



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