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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sunshine and smiles

With our heat wave still with us, and a new job, 
today is about flowers in our garden,
 Every thing is perfect
 Full of blooms
 Some new this year
 Some on their second year

Hubby worked hard in the garden over the weekend, removing unwanted decking, the whole of the area was covered. Now we have to dig down for hard core and concrete over the top. makes getting the bike into the garage much easier, this has been on our to do list since we moved in.

Hubby is a perfectionist, which I love, he lifted each board, cut it and then replaced, ensuring every thing is sturdy. We are lifting most of the paving steps in front of the garage as well, so job not finished yet, I was is helper, sorting cut wood and picking up tools and providing loads of glasses of cold water and even the 1st glass of cold beer when the job was done.
I have had three days on my new job, it's a small office with just 5/6 staff, we are all a similar age, and it is so very different, quiet, slower pace, the lady I work with is brilliant, helpful, under standing with every one. I can really see me liking this role. It is on the Naval dockyard at Portsmouth and until my permanent passes come through its a pain each day getting on site. But walking from my car to the office each morning to the sound of gulls, in this beautiful weather is bliss. On my 1st day my new boss and I chatted about my hours, 8am to 4pm, he suggested I start and leave 15 mins early each day, to beat the rush of every one going home at the same time. So I am home each evening just after 4pm.
So I am very happy here, sorry I have done no stitching, most evening are outside pottering in the garden, drinking chilled wine or cider shandy's, life is feeling good at this moment.


  1. What are the blue flowers in the top picture. They resemble our Columbines, but I have never seen a blue Columbine.

  2. Your flowers look lovely and well done to the decking revamp. Your new job sounds great - well worth the move and you've given me hope :)

  3. So pleased your new job is going well.



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