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Sunday, 28 July 2013

A busy weekend

Not the best photo, but this stitching is coming along well, I have the centre pink diamonds to stitch is tent stitch (half cross stitch) and then I think I will add beads. I will make it into a very small hanging ornament.

My Dahlia's have a second show of these beautiful flowers, its very pretty beside our back door. 
 Not done much in the garden, been a very busy weekend, managed to get a visit into a garden centre, the purple flower are for my back garden.
 These are for the front raised flower bed, I have some good sized rocks there and these are going in to add colour and keep the cats from digging. Quite a mixture of plants.
 On Wednesday I went to Portsmouth harbour and went out on the water in this rib, there were 3 of us for the trip, we were shown the Sea Cadets on various vessels doing sailing and rowing. I'm not good with small boats and deep water, but I did manage to enjoy myself.
 Just a couple of vessels in the public side of the port, it was strange looking up at them. We also had a tour of HMS Bristol, which stays in the harbour, it's used for training, all very interesting.
Hubby and I are home alone, we have had visitors all weekend, my brother Martin and my Sister Leanna and her partner Alan, the rain last night stopped us having a outside BBQ, but inside it was still was fun. They are driving the 100 miles home, so we are just catching up with every thing, before sorting the huge pile of laundry and then a lazy evening. A few extra people in our home makes loads of work.

Nothing much planned for this week, Friday afternoon is going to be fun, the only clue I will give you, is, I have brought a new hat, another work jolly.

The mad cat woman next door is playing up, but we intend to ignore her and enjoy our garden, which is the advice of our local PC Bob.


  1. What dies it mean by the mad cat woman (that I understand) is"playing up". I don't understand the playing up.

    Hum, had something else to add, but, for the life of me, it's gone now.


    ENjoy your week.

  2. Lvely stitching, ncice plants and super pics of your travels in the harbour.

  3. Love your stitching, the colours are lovely. What are the purple flowers? Your brave going out on the rib but it sounds like you had a good time :)



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