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Friday, 19 July 2013

What a week

Can you see what it is, good let me know, I just stitch with this and see where it leads me, some times it goes well and other times disaster, I am happy with this, not sure what it is going to end up being, may be a small cushion. I do love the colours, very me. 
 I am a very proud Nanna tonight, Josh is showing off his awards from school, earlier this week he had a very good school report, today his first level with his ukulele and 100% attendance for the year, it does help he loves school and it's a good school, Sammy looks happy with his big brother.
My garden is looking very good tonight, I water it each evening as well as watering Win's next door. I picked my 1st cucumber tonight, shame the tomatoes are not ready, but I have loads more cucumbers growing, so a full home made salad soon. Both greenhouses are full of plants loaded with produce, and I am still picking raspberries and small strawberries, I have enough ready to pick, so Josh and Sam must be due for a visit.

Work has been a pleasure, I was asked if I was happy in my new role, which I am and was told they are happy with me, I fit in well. So after a happy little dance, loads of smiles, we went back to our task. Typical MOD property, we tried to open windows this week, but they had been painted shut, one sharp knife later all our windows open.

Today has been cooler with a bit of a breeze, which is nice, we have not made plans for the weekend, we will see how we feel each morning. I do want to go shopping, had a really nice tax rebate this week, so summer clothes here I come.

I'm off to stitch, water the gardens and start my weekend, have fun what ever you are up to, it's much more fun in the sunshine.


  1. WONDERFUL School Report.

    Tell him your American teacher friend is proud of him :)

  2. SO you liked the Ice Cream Salad?
    I am going to see how it tastes with a low cal/fat ice cream and substitute a low cal/hi fiber cereal . . . I think I can cut the calories but not the drumstick flavor :)

    If it works, will post :)



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