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Monday, 22 July 2013

Wow Colour

 My free stitching is going well, I love these colours, I just have to stitch the top section and then fill in the pink diamonds. Did not have as much stitching time as I wanted, the real world got in the way.
 Sunday we went to a localish working silk mill,where all the machines are worked from a water wheel it was not working when we were there, but they did have ladies, who were hand spinning silk, fascinating, I purchased the 4 hanks of silks for £10, they are hand spun and hand dyed, I have nothing planned for them, but I do love the shades, the lady gave me her card, it will be handy to keep in touch with her.
 The shuttle I could not resist, I love the feel of wood and have loads of wooden ornaments, this looks good on my office shelves with all my craft stuff, and the little scissors, with a fine sharp point.
 I fell in love with every reel here, I wanted them all, but the wooden bobbins are not for sale, they are hard to get, shame, I so wanted one. Each silk just shimmers, the whole mill was so very interesting, they had loads of framed photo's of costumes they had provided the silk for, loads from the BBC productions.
I had a day shopping on Saturday, got loads of new summer clothes, pretty dresses and a great pair of shoes to go with my jeans. I also had time to have a sort out on my side of the office, I have packed away a few items I'm not working on, and made better use of the space. I even got my sewing machine out to put a new zip in a much loved skirt.

Hubby did more work in the garden, he now has to relay 3 rows of paving slabs and make ready, an area for concrete, so he can get his bike out of the garage with ease.

So now we are waiting for two things, Kate to have her baby, a future King or Queen, and the thunder storm we are all hoping for, fingers crossed both arrive soon.


  1. Congratulations on Baby Cambridge's arrival :)

  2. How lovely, what a great place to visit.

  3. That mill is so awesome! I have threatened bodily harm should anyone touch my wooden spools that had my Grams sewing thread on it!



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