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Thursday, 1 March 2012

1st day of spring

 We have had the sunniest and warm day for ages, at lunch time, we found a new walk which takes us along the coast, near to our offices, a nice 25 minute walk, what bliss. These flower were given to me last weekend, I have not had a chance to pot them out side, so they are bright in my kitchen.
More cross stitch
 Sweet flowers is stitching up very quickly, I have not made any more changes, the lace panel at the top looks just so fine, one more evening at this and this section will  be finished. I am waiting for my stash to arrive, the Tribal Cat, is the next thing for me to stitch, every thing else has got to wait.
Tomorrow after work we are off to Somerset, and a Saturday night out with my brothers and sister, in the village where I grew up. No not alot of stitching planned, but loads of laughter, a couple glasses of red wine.

I love the spring time, so full of hope and new life, my op is just two weeks away, then that's all dealt with and I can finally look towards our future, if you know anyone battling cancer, it does not matter how bad things get, together with supportive family and friends there is a way out.

Today is also St David's day, my hubby is very proud to be Welsh, he has spent the day in London, with the Welsh Guards, brought home some wonderful photo's, I was sad I could not be there with him. Tomorrow he's is on the golf course, so he's having a very long weekend.


  1. Beautiful flowers... Both real and stitchy ones ^.^


  2. Stitching is stunning and I really think the green makes it stand out even more. Have a lovely weekend and safe journey. Two weeks will fly by :)

  3. Hi

    Just found your blog.

    Your Sweet Flowers project is beautiful.

    Very pretty primulas - I have some indoors too waiting to be planted up outside.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!



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