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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Patchwork Sampler

 Jan Houtman, Patchwork Sampler
Above is at the end of Thursday and below is at the end of Friday
 In the design Jan has put random letters and numbers for which I can not see a reason, so I am not stitching them, so in a few places I have a space to fill, below you can see a large row and short row of red flowers, the short row  should have been letters, but I have chosen to repeat the flowers.

 A couple close ups, each pattern is just great and together instead of looking messy, they are brilliant.
I have my brother Martin visiting this weekend, so not so much stitching time, our heat wave looks to be over, which is a shame, I have enjoyed the warm weather for the last few days. But some rain might be handy.

I am planning a few trips out next week, just local, in the start to getting my stamina back.

PS the new upgrade is terrible!!


  1. Wow,its really looking nice and bright and colourful.
    You have done a good job enableling me. ;)
    Just have to order the fabric,not sure to do 28 or 32 counts.

    Glad to hear your still on the mend.

  2. Great work! I'm amazed at how much you actually complete, unlike me.... Sorry to hear you've had another operation.
    I've just returned from England where I spent three very warm weeks with my family and friends, including the latest addition, my grandson Henry!
    I'm now trying to pick up my bits and pieces - lots started - and try to finish some work. I hope you have a lovely Easter. Gill x

  3. What new upgrade is terrible>

    You are so correct . . it is so interesting the way the designs just work ingo eachother.

  4. I just went to take a look at the sampler you are doing. I wonder if the letters are the initials of someone and if the numbers are special dates . . . what do you think?



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