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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Thanks, new starts and loads of rambling

 Laura from My Wee Life asked me to watch out for a package, and this morning it arrived, with the comment "I saw this and thought of you", thank you Laura it is me and will look great in Somerset House, another small project, very handy for the next few weeks.............watch this space, once again thanks Laura, and I love the card!!
 I have made two starts this week, but Patchwork sampler does not look that exciting so I will show you next time, but Tribal cat is to me looking very exciting.
 This is where having a stash is at it's best, I had all the colours I needed so I could get right on with it, I have to choose where to put the shades in each case, but the design is perfect, the shapes are very feline. I have 6 shades to use and just the green in the eye as extra colour. I have just lighter shades to add, this is calling to me and won't take me long to finish.
 This is Tiger, beloved cat of my daughters childhood, Su was 2 when we got him and she names him Tiger, she was 19 when he passed away, so he was hers, all through growing up, and he was a perfect friend for a little girl.
It's raining here, which does not happen that often, here in the south east we need loads of rain, already around us there are hose pipe bans, which is not good for us gardeners, the fore caste is to rain again tomorrow, but we really need heavy rain, so fingers crossed.

This afternoon I am shopping with Fliss, going to a shop selling stitching and patchwork things, my eyes are sparkling already, The final matches for the six nations rugby are on, Wales v France and my welsh hubby is praying for victory, they already have the triple crown, I would like England to beat Ireland, but that might not happen. Later an evening in together.

Mothers day tomorrow and both girls are here with their families so a big roast dinner cooked by Kev, loads of fun and laughter, and then a quiet night in, hospital on Monday.

Tomorrow I will blog again my TUSAL and my RAK for tribal penguin.


  1. Lovely stitching. Enjoy your weekend , and good luck for your hospital visit. Hope all goes well .XXX

  2. Haven't been around much on the internet and missed several posts. Your sampler is finished and looks fab! You must be enjoying the tribal patterns - the penguin and now the cat! Saw the other patterns and you are set.

    On the hospital visit - good luck. This last surgery and all will be well. Hope you mend quickly so you can enjoy the time off.

  3. That needlepoint kit is so pretty.

    I love your tribalcat stitching and can't wait to see it finished.

    Enjoy Mother's Day with your family.

  4. LOVE<3 LOVE<3 LOVE<3 Tribal Cat and it so looks like Tiger!

  5. Marlene, pleased you like it - was thinking of Somerset House too. Love the colours of the cat - looking forward to seeing that one progress:) Enjoy your shopping trip today and have a lovely weekend. Will be thinking of you on Monday.

  6. It's like a totem in memory of Tiger...love it! Beautiful colors, too.



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