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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Two finishes and a WIP

 What a perfect title, and a great way to start the weekend
I have just to make this up as a hanging ornament, and I love it, but it's for daughter Su, so much so I have ordered another three from this designer, and I have another idea forming, once the postie arrives I will share my thoughts.
 Sweet Flowers
 Part two is done, and I am counting it as a finish, I have to send this photo to the designer Angie and then later this month she sends everyone the next stage. I have only changed the leaves from pale pink to green, I love the lace work, stitching is very simple but it looks great.
 Romantic Sampler
 I have started the centre panel, one large flower, I only have a few small panels to go and then this is done, it's by the same designer as Sweet Flowers.
Shopping yesterday, I found these hearts, the smaller one was attached to the bigger one, I have separated them, added the metal daisy to cover the holes and I will stitch a centre and add them to my heart tree, I am looking for different textures now, I had an idea to use buttons on a heart as well.

Family weekend at home, off to town soon, bit of shopping to do, the nice sort, clothes included, not the supermarket!. My garden is showing signs of life, spring is here, hope to spend an hour outside at some point.

Hurry up postie..................


  1. Hello

    Congratulations on the penguin finish - it's great. I've never seen a design like that before but I really like it.

    Your Romantic Sampler and Sweet Flowers WIPS are looking great, really pretty.

    I like what you did with the heart frame too.

    Happy weekend.

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Tribal Penguin. The white shows up, but doesn't take over.

    And the pattern you are doing . . . posted right beneath it . . so precious and soft. It will turn our fantastic, like all of your things do :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Very nice. With all of that work I would count it as a finish also. THe penquin looks very nice. I am sure Sue will love it!

  4. Very nice finishes. I would also cound part 2 as being finished. They have turned out so well.
    I am sure Sue will love the Penquin. It is lovely!

  5. As always your sewing is beautiful. Love the penguins. Can't wait to see your ideas and what the postie brings:) The little heart with the daisy on is lovely and I still like the heart tree idea.



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