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Monday, 12 March 2012

 Spring is bursting into life in the garden, our Magnolia tree has loads of blooms, just waiting for a extra sunny warm day to burst. We are still fighting with all the cats from next door, they chase the birds and squirrels, it is a battle to keep them out of our garden.

I have finished the centre panel of Romantic Sampler, 
 As you can see not much more to do, two flower patterns at the top and two at the bottom. I am being really good and not starting any thing until this is finished, and I have loads I want to stitch.
 The postie did come on Saturday and I now have more Tribal patterns to stitch, my plan is to start the cat one first, I want to do it in shades of orange, we had for years a ginger tom called Tiger, we have been hunting out photo's so I can have the correct shades. I plan to start this the week after next, a small project for me.
 This time next week, I will be in hospital, getting over major surgery, my last operation if all goes well, so fingers crossed, the Tribal cat will be great for me to do whilst recovering. Hubby brought both series of Downton Abbey, I have seen them, but it will be great to watch again, it a plan to keep me resting.
Work was good today, I am spending alot of time training others to do bits of my job, I will be home for 3 weeks if all goes to plan, so warm sunny days are wanted.

This Sunday we are having a family Sunday roast, which will be good, every thing is ready for my hospital visit. I just want to get it over and done with, I hope to have my ipad with me so I can read all your blogs, if not I will catch up once I am home.

I'm off to stitch now, Romantic Sampler is so close to the finish line, it has been fun, but I am ready for another challenge.


  1. Love your Tribal cat. Checked out more images of Tribal Cross Stitch . . there really are some neat ones.

    Take care and I will be thinking about you for your surgery.

  2. Wishing you a successful surgery and quick trip back to home.

  3. Hello

    Your magnolia tree is beautiful. We have one too but unfortunately the buds look like they may be frost bitten.

    Romantic Sampler is so lovely.

    Great new charts too.

    Hope your surgery goes well.

  4. Love the tribal cross stitch patterns. Looking forward to seeing your cat! Your magnolia tree is starting to look nice - slightly earlier than ours up here. Good luck with your surgery and to a few hours of watching Downton Abbey afterwards. Will be thinking of you:)

  5. Lovely progress on Romantique Sampler. Looking forward to happy dancing with you soon. Lovely new stash. Can't wait to see your start of the cat in orange.




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