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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

3rd time right

 I love these flowers, but the stem and leaves are another matter, the design had them in light pink.

I stitched the first batch of leaves in pink, and not right, so I thought I would use the grey, stitched the first batch of leaves again and no, not right, again. So I plundered my stash and came up with this green, it feels right for me. I will have to study her pattern and add more green to balance the design.
 The grey panels are straight, but my work is off on my frame, and every time I try an put it right it moves as I tighten the frame. It's looking good, just two more flowers with their leave and a lace pattern above, that's this months work. it's easy to follow and I love it, very different from my normal work, I think I like stitching lace work.
Work is going well this week, we are busy so the time flies by quickly, we are planning another 5 people in our office, should be fun, there is room for them, but we are a close small department, so the next few weeks will be very interesting.
This weekend we are planning to travel back to the village where I was born, and visit my family, we always have fun when we go home and we will get to see Logan our youngest grand son.


  1. What a lovely design, and I think your addition of green really makes the pinks pop.

    blessings, jilly

  2. Lovely stitching. I think the green really makes the flowers pop.


  3. Think the green is lovely - it's more natural to have green on flowers I think. Glad you've had a good week and enjoy your trip and seeing your grandson and family :)

  4. beautiful stitching :D I love the ribbons.



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