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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Travelling Penguin and an early TUSAL

 Not having my own mum around on Mothering Sunday, leads my mind to focus on my daughter and her hubby and two sons, they had lunch with us along with Su and her hubby Gav, Kev cooked a perfect meal, and we all had loads of fun together, what a perfect little family.

I have started Patchwork Sampler, but last night I frogged loads, just two stitches out caused loads of problems, best not to stitch when watching a good film, not sure why the fabric has yellow marks in this photo, I'm stitching on pure white.
 I won't be around on Wednesday, loads of colours, pinks, greens and oranges.
 My pot is looking good already
 I have had so many nice comments regarding Tribal Penguin, I want to send him on a journey, can we get him around the world, if you would like to stitch him and then pass him on, please leave a message on this post, he is very easy and quick, I will start a list on my side bar of where he goes, if I pull you name all you have to do is post about him when you have finished and send him on. I will watch and report on each stage of his journey, and see how he looks at each stage, I'm sure someone will stray from black and white. I will choose next week, normal thing names in a hat.
I am ready for hospital, so 7.30am I will be off, and not back until Friday, which means I shall have loads to read, and plenty of rest time to enjoy all your blogs.
See you soon.


  1. Hi Marlene

    Good luck with the hospital stay - 'enjoy' the rest and chance to read.

    I would love to stitch a penguin please!
    Can you enter me for the draw please?

  2. Hello

    Your penguin is lovely!

    Good luck with your hospital stay.

    Happy stitching.

  3. I would love to add a stitch or two to your penguin . . . and hope the stay is over with by now . . hgow did I ever miss this post?

  4. Hi Marlene . . hope this finds you well. I have never seen a blog award on your blog, but I had to pay this award forward to you.

    I don't kow if you do blog awards or not, but I had to pay forward to you one that I received.

    The award is called the Liebster Blog Award . . . meaning favorite blog award. I am supposed to give it to a 5 bloggers I appreciate and value.

    I SO appreciate seeing everything you do. You are the cross stitcher I wish I were today. I value what you have to say and live vicariously through you in your garden and cross stitch.

    If you would like to receive the award, you need to stop by my blog . . and if not, stop by anyway and see what I wrote about you . . he he he he he


  5. Good luck with your hospital stay my dear. Hope all goes well.
    I would love to have your penguin visit me in Canada. I have a dear friend who collects penguin and this would make a wonderful gift for her.



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