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Monday, 26 March 2012

Stitching first

 I have not done much to tribal cat, but I am enjoying him, my arm aches when I hold this small frame for too long, but the mixture of oranges are beginning to form Tigers colourings.
I quickly took my photo of patchwork Sampler, I am unpicking as much as I am stitching, I just can't count! I normally like to fill my whole canvas with stitches, but for now I am enjoying stitching lace work, it's a nice change.

 Spring has come to Hampshire, our tree is beautiful, strange to have it full of blooms and no leaves, 
the leaves always form after it has bloomed.
 A couple of weekends ago Fliss and I went stash shopping, and the materials below followed me home, we found the most perfect coffee shop, Fliss tells you all about it here pop along and have a look, the photo's are brill. I only have a use for the print fabric, next week I hope to be able to use my sewing machine and make up tribal penguin for Su.
 I have no thoughts on how to use this tape and the button, I will add to a heart.
I have been following your blogs on my iPad, and have enjoyed every word and photo I have seen, thanks for all your best wishes, I feel already on the mend, my fist goal is to be back in my own jogging bottoms, at the mo I am wearing hubbies, not the best of sights. So I have two weeks of stitching and resting, with a sunny week fore cast, it's not a bad out look.


  1. LOVE the ribbon . . . .wouldn't it be adorable run through the bodice of a baby's crocheted dress?

    If you ever have a need for the dress . . let me know . . .I owe you one for all the things you have sent to me.

  2. Paula what an offer to a nanna with three grandsons!!!!, but I do love your work, thanks



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