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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Stitching and flowers

 In between friends popping in I am getting along well with this piece, which is Patchwork sampler by Jan Houtman, I am using his colours, so Julie get yours out and start stitching, his patterns are easy to stitch once started they repeat and make stitching quicker.
 The flowers above came from my boss, a very nice surprise and the  daffs and tulips below from a friend, my house looks bright and cheery, I still have the flowers Josh got for Mothering Sunday, over a week ago.
I have my doors open, it is already very warm here, I have been for the first walk around my small garden, all is well there, we managed to pick up the large blossom leaves from the magnolia tree, coffee pot is ready to pour, so I'm off to stitch again, Kev is on the golf course, which is pleasing for both of us, he needs some fun after all the extra things he has been doing for me.


  1. That yellow sure pop s out with tall of the lace around it. Can;t wait to see how this one ends up.

  2. Your patchwork sampler is looking gorgeous! I hope you feel better soon - flowers always help me :)



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