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Sunday, 26 February 2012

First sunny sunday

This morning I woke up late to beautiful sunshine, and it feels warm, I am sat in our sunny office with a coffee, I opened a new pack of coffee this morning, so it's fresh, with some shortbread, what a perfect start to the day, bliss.
Parts 2 &3 have arrived for sweet flowers, so I have dropped everything to get on with it, I did think about changing the colours, but I am sticking with the designer for now.

 I love Tribal Penguin, I love the shapes so retro, I have done more white and Su my daughter loves the silver back stitch, so I'm hoping to finish this soon, and I have been on line and ordered more, I have a seahorse and a cat coming, with a few other things. I want to stitch the cat is shades of orange, we had a ginger cat for years called Tiger(Su was 2 when we got him, hence the name), and I want to be thinking of him whilst stitching.
I am having a perfect weekend,
Friday we had friends here for the evening, ladies chatted, guys played cards, it was fun so much so it was very late when they all left.
Saturday morning after having my hair done we went to our local pool to watch Shannon swim, we had a cuddle with Thomas 10months Su's nephew by marriage, then we went to see Josh and Sammy (mummy and daddy too), we took presents for Josh, he is into Moshi Monsters Josh had the best report from his teacher in the week, and we wanted to reward him for his hard work, one item was a joke book, so Josh was having loads of fun reading them. Sammy was the cute little boy he is. Later Su and Gav came over to watch Wales v England in the 6 nations rugby, which Wales won, so happy hubby.
Today after my good start, we will go for a walk soon, we will walk along the coast, to Portchester Castle and then through the castle and back home, will take just under an hour, we are so lucky in our location, I never tire of that walk.


  1. Sounds like you've had a lovely weekend.
    And teh penguin is gorgeous!

  2. Aren't weekend mornings the best, I live for my coffee. Your work is lovely thanks for sharing.

  3. Now I understand the name, Tribal Penguin . . . with the white added on the top, I can actually see the penguin emerge . . glad the silver outline worked . . just a touch and it seems to make it pop right out . . or, at least hold its own with the black.

  4. Glad the penguin worked out - it does look good. I like the colours on the Sweet Flowers. You must have had our sunshine today - hope you had a good walk. I feel the need for a coffee now with shortbread :)

  5. The penguin is adorable! Best wishes, Natalia

  6. You are so right about the aroma from a new pack of coffee. So pleased you had a good weekend.

  7. beautiful stitching I love that silver edge it really makes it pop.



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