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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Loads of finishes

Firstly thank you for all your kind comments on my last blog xx

More hearts, they are now hanging on my heart tree, on the dining room table, I still have room for more. Not showing my ABC heart, want it to be a surprise when Paula receives it. 
 Not a heart, but far to nice to pack away, think it will hang here until I get the Christmas tree out later this year. It has the design on both sides, so it can be seen from every angle.I love this design!
 I have done a small amount on Romantic Sample, my drive for this is going, but I am going to have another go at it this week. It's for Fliss so I want to finish it, she has had a poor start to their weekend, so I am trying to cheer her up.
 At craft club I started a small project, and stitched more last night, this is Tribal penguin by White Willow Stitching, I have done some of the white, but it does not show very well. I will leave this until next Saturday. We had a another new member, and more popped in to see what we are doing, so our numbers are slowly growing.
 Grace is doing the right thing, staying in in her warm basket, she is home most of the day with us, Purdy is out hunting, bringing home mice, mostly dead, once a stray always a stray.
We have avoided the snow, had a flutter on Thursday night, but most was gone in the morning, but it is still very cold, loads of ice about, it does help most of our days have been sunny, from the inside it makes our garden look nice. My spring bulbs are coming through, not many flowers yet, but it is a bit early.

Kev is healing well, we have been told his bike is a write off, so he has to decide if he wants to purchase another, but I'm not sure he is ready to make that decision yet. I am walking and eating well to get myself ready for my op, just three weeks now, I an excited and a bit nervous, but it will be great to get it all done.


  1. The hearts are lovely and love the tribal penguin. Glad to hear that Kevin is recovering well. Your op will be fine :) those 3 weeks are going to fly by. Grace looks so comfy and warm :)

  2. The white on the penguin is SO TINY! I am jealous again . . it is starting to hurt my eyes to cross stitch on 22 or smaller cloth and I only like that size.

    Oh, well . . maybe in time it will be better.

    Now, to patienty wait for my ABC's . . . :0}

  3. The hearts are very pretty! Tribal Penguin is off to a lovely start.

  4. Lovely finishes, and so many.

  5. Happy Valentines Day.

    I adore your first heart, I have never seen this design before.

    It was good to see an update on Romantic.



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