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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

 Look what was waiting for me at home last night, after 27 years together he is still a big softie, we have a nice meal cooked by Kev at home and watched a couple of films.
I have not done much stitching this week, Monday we had a glass of wine with our meal and I never stitch after drinking wine, and last night after all Kev's effort I could not do any sewing.
 But I have been good doing some more on this Romantic sampler, I have finished all the beige, and have loads of flowers to stitch, I'm off to see Su and Gav tonight, they have almost finished their kitchen, so no stitching tonight.
 I did allow myself a few stitches on Tribal Penguin, I just love it and I'm thinking of doing another but using random and different colours on the body, making it a bit funky.
Bad news tonight, my op has been put back 2 weeks, which is going to cause problems at work, my time off will clash with holidays, and I am unable to get a clear 4 weeks without anyone being on holiday, so I will speak to the hospital tomorrow and then my boss, I have a feeling my boss is going to be OK, but it will cause problems.

Paula I have not yet sent your parcel, I will get to the post office on Saturday, please forgive me, last weekend was a bit hectic.

Every thing else is good, the weather is warmer, I have spring flowers showing through in our gardens, Grace and Purdy are both doing well. I have started walking more each day and I feel better, not losing to much weight, but my tummy is looking less flabby, hoping to have a better figure before we are off to France in May.


  1. Wow, congrats on the 27 years together, my hubby and I are heading towards our 4th(2nd marriage).

    The romantic sampler has some pretty colors, looking forward to seeing more.

    Will pray things go smoothly with your OP and time off.

    blessings, jilly

  2. As always your stitching is beautiful. It is such a shame to have your dates altered when you have everything arranged.

  3. beautiful stitching. hopefully everything works out for you with your op.

  4. Your flowers look lovely. Your sewing is really beautiful. I am sorry your op has been put back - just typical but I'm pretty sure the Hospital will try and help out with your dates.



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