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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunny and cold

I love the shapes in this stitching, when I was in school we used to decorate our excise books with patterns like this, we would try and make them into shapes, we used a Biro, and in my case always black, so this feels very retro to me.

This is just a small ornament, but I just love it

 Very easy to stitch, it grows so quickly.

 Just a few shapes to finish on the back in black, I have done three of the white shapes, but I am thinking I might change the white, either to a shiny white or a pale grey/white, I will have to pull them out and look  to see which I think is best. This is going to be a hanging ornament for my daughter Su, so I am going to stitch another and stitch them back to back,

 We have flowers in the front and the back gardens, my garden is not looking great, I could do with a day outside, but I find the wind to be so very cold, I have always been a warm weather gardener, so roll on March/April once the temperature rises a bit I will be outside. I hate the coloured gravel on my front plot, I hope to move a lot and turn half the garden back to flowers, I have to leave a space to park my car,
Craft club was a bit disappointing yesterday, only 3 people and they had put things in front of the windows which made the light not so good, we then had some young girls pop in who chatted and made loads of noise, so all in all not a good afternoon, but I did get alot done. I also popped in to see Fliss, Steve and the boys, which was loads of fun, Josh showed us the games he had purchased from saving his pocket money, he is a good boy for saving his money.

Today is a day at home, hoping the girls will pop in later, I have some house work to do and then I want to look at Somerset House, I was please Laura enjoyed her rug which was one of my February RAK's, and thank you Laura for linking both of my blogs in your post. Paula I sent your parcel to you yesterday, It should be with you by Friday, I am also going to e-mail you some of the heart pattern's I have used, most come from magazines and the net, so they are Ok to share.


  1. It's funny how a comment on a blog can bring memories rushing back.

    I remember doodling on school books, boys names and hearts. LOL.

    Hope you are having a hood weekend xxx

  2. Your new hanging ornie is so interesting . . I think I should be your neighbor and after you make something, I would just run next door for the pattern :0}

    An idea for yout black and white ornie . . how about outlining the white with a metallic gray? It would make it stand out, give it a little shine and you wouldn't have to frog the white part.

  3. Your project looks lovely - looking forward to seeing it progress and your spring bulbs look lovely and they always look so nice in the sunshine:) Just read your comment - love the rug - thank you again :)

  4. Paula love your idea, I will use shiny thread to outline the white, i did check the shiny and the grey threads, but they just looked dirty.



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