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Thursday, 23 February 2012

I'm not sure

 I am so undecided about the white stitching on my penguin, 
this time I have used Paula's suggestion and gone around the outline with a silver thread.
I will show my daughter Su tomorrow and see what she thinks of it, I am making it for her, I think I would have liked it to be finer, but this is the only silver thread I have. I am hoping the more I do the better it will look, the white blobs go 3/4 the way up the front.

 On a happier note, I have done another pattern on Romantic sampler, and it's another I like, this is for my other daughter Fliss, she loves anything vintage, so she is a big fan of this.
 I am so close to the finishing line on here.
Tomorrow the next part of Sweet Flowers should be sent to me, so that's three on the go, it's hard to decide which one to do, with two getting very close to the finish line and another large project waiting in the wings.

I have a day off tomorrow, I will spend it with my daughter Su, we have nothing planned and all day to do it in, I want to do some stitching. Today was a warm sunny day and we both have our fingers crossed it will be the same tomorrow.


  1. I think that the penguin looks really cute. Looks really nice like that!

  2. Ooooh, that vintage piece is wonderful! Today, it was rainy and then it turned into the largest snowflakes I have ever seen! I long for sunny days...enjoy them!

  3. I love all your stitching!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. Your sewing is always lovely but it's difficult to tell on a photograph about the silver. Would a very pale silvery/grey work instead of white? Love the penguin though and the colours on the sampler are really nice.

  5. OH I love that penguin! I bet he will look great when he's done.

    Great job on the sampler project.

  6. I agree with My Wee Life.

    Wishing you a good weekend x



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