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Friday, 3 February 2012

Thank goodness it's Friday

My rug is coming along well, it's fun to stitch and easy pattern, so it grows quickly, should have it finished in a week, but tonight I am going to start another small project, my third start this year, I need the therapy of stitching some fun.

This week has been long and tedious, and all because of one person, I work in an office of 4 people, it's a quiet office, and I like it, but we have one woman, who has been there the longest, who forces her will on everything and everyone. Most of the time I can pop into another office and have a laugh, but this week and today she has got to me, she can be mean and petty, having an opinion of everyone, and mostly not a good one. She has family working around the company, which she favours, and loves to point out every ones failings, so thank goodness it's Friday.

My brother Martin will be here soon, he is with Tracy his daughter, but will stay at ours for a couple of night's. I intend to have fun this weekend and enjoy myself. There is snow fore caste for the weekend, we will have to see how much, often we miss the snow, so fingers crossed, but it is so cold.

I'm off to stitch, show you next time, if it works out.


  1. Work is hard enough without having an unpleasant person to work with, you have my sympathy.

    Wishing you a good weekend xxx

  2. Love how the rug is shaping up!
    Sorry to hear you have a person making work difficult, it's not a nice situation to be in. Don't let her get you down and enjoy the weekend with your brother! We are expecting snow here tomorrow/monday I think, but it's soooo cold out that I'm not going anywhere!

  3. Just catching up and I know how you feel about one person - I work with one who is so opionated and calls people names. I try to switch off but occasionally it does get to you. Try thinking nice thoughts - sewing and minis!

  4. lovely stitching. Just stay calm and it will all work out.



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