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Sunday, 5 February 2012

What a difference ......

A day makes, 24 little hours, as the song goes..............
I am having such fun stitching this piece, 
it's not for me it's the second of my February RAK's,
 Don't you just love the colours, 
it's Weeks Dye Works, NOEL, 
and I just love it
 I'm going to have to stitch another, just for me, 
I love the texture of the thread, it has no sheen, 
which suits the shades, it's just perfection.
We have not had snow, last night was rain, and it's still wet here today, but it has got warmer, which often means the snow is on the way, we have weather warnings in place for the whole of today and tomorrow morning, so we are not in the clear yet. Martin has to drive 108 miles home to Somerset this afternoon, so we are hoping it stays clear or just wet.

As for my title, the weekend is a great one, went to craft club with Fliss, only three people there this week, but we are hoping the weather stopped people coming, they are going to advertise more and try and grow the group. Su spent the evening with us, Gav was out with his mates, last night we watched Real Steel, with Hugh Jackman, it was about robot wars, but don't let that put you off, the story line was great.

Yesterday I also go a letter from the hospital, I now have  my op date, 5th March, so finally I can plan and work towards putting every thing behind me. I will have most of March off, which sounds great, plenty of stitching time, until payday, which will hurt.

So loads of plans, but for now, I'm off to enjoy my Sunday.


  1. good luck with the operation
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. I hope that the operation isn't too serious a one.

    I just adore the thread you have stitched with, absolutely perfect for a Christmas project.

  3. I just love this pattern! It's been in my To Do pile forever! You're colour choice is beautiful. Good job!

  4. Where do you find all of your heart patterns? Each one is just perfecr, the floss you choose makes them work.

  5. I have this chart in my to-do pile (along with several others!) Love the way yours is taking shape. Are you going to use the same thread when you stitch it again?

  6. Those colors are just gorgeous! They work really well together :) Looks like a fun stitch!

  7. gorgeous colours. Lovely stitching.



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