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Friday, 9 December 2011

 I have added a bit more to this sampler, the pale pink does not show as well as in real life, it is a delicate colour against the natural background. I love this so much I have signed up for next years pattern, I love the style, if you want to find our more pop here I am hoping to have this finished this month, I have plans for it.
 I love these dark evening and candle light, our homes are so cosy and warm, 
and at this time of year it is perfect to have lit candles every where.
My thoughts this morning is with everyone in the north, after the battering they had with such harsh winds, snow and non stop rain, I hope you are all dry warm and safe, thank goodness the gust have slowed, pictures on the news last night looked horrible.

I have an extra day off this weekend, I go back on Tuesday, not alot planned for the weekend, our Grandson Sammy is being christened on Sunday, so posh frocks for that, I hope to be able to catch up with Christmas this weekend, cards, cake wrapping presents. Monday it's Josh's school play, can't wait to see him, he did not want a speaking role, so he's a star, which in my eyes he has always been.


  1. Lovely sampler stitching Marlene, I've enjoyed watching your progress as you go along.
    Candles have such a lovely warm feeling to them don't they ~ they just seem to say Christmas!
    I miss the children's christmas plays, I used to cry buckets when I watched mine ~ not quite the same when they're at college and heading for Uni!
    Have a good weekend xxx

  2. I love this sampler! It's simple but beautiful. Can't wait to see more!



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