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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Getting ready

 I have dressed the house for Christmas again,
I am using the same decorations but it all looks different  this year, my small shelves in the hall is lit, I should use tea lights in the star and angel, but I can't use them is this small space, so I have brought loads of the battery operated fairy light with 20 bulbs, and using them instead of tea lights, all very safe.
 Our tree is in the same place, at this time of the year we do not use the patio doors so its a perfect place for a full size tree. I prefer to have loads of traditional items on the tree, all different colours, but I never use tinsel, can't stand it, don't have any in the house.
Our fireplace is just the small wood burner, not real it's electric, but a focal point, note the Santa on the motorbike, he's been a family favourite for years. I also have loads of silk, ivy, holly, misletoe and ponsettas, which I have placed every where, a real pagen feel to the place.

Josh came round with mummy and was very excited, he went to his school disco last night and stayed out to after 9pm, so the whole weekend has been exciting for him. They were going home to decorate their house.

Dinner is now ready, evening in stitching and watching TV with hubby.


  1. Your decorations look lovely Marlene and good idea with the battery operated lights:) We have done our tree too today and like you it's kind of traditional although I do use a little bit of lamette - don't like tinself myself.

  2. We always dressed our house this first weekend of December. It's so exciting to see the decorations again and remember some we'd forgotten about. I like the electric tea lights. Gill x



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