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Monday, 12 December 2011

Sammy christening

 Sammy and Josh
Yesterday Sammy was christened, below I have a family photo, Josh by this point is fed up with smiling, typical little boy, he was thinking about all the cakes next door laid on the tables for afternoon tea. Sammy was a super little boy, good all the way through.
 Fliss and Su, bot looking extreme with their hair colourings, both have added colour and even thou they have gone different shades, the both look good.
 We had a nice afternoon catching up, 

I am feeling much better, I have finished all my cards, wrapped my presents and am almost ready for Christmas, we are not at home for much of the day, but still we have loads to do, I watched grumpy old woman again on TV last night, it was the Christmas one, and they have hit the spot with their moans, why do we set ourselves up each year, well last year, with all my health issues I gave up on the prefect Christmas, and guess what we had a perfect time.

So again this year, I'm not collecting any top chef recipes, or following any ones house decorating schemes, for my house, I'm using what I have, presents have been a reasonable cost, and with a morning with the boys, mummy and daddy and lunch with Su and Gav and an evening with my wonderful hubby Kev, sounds a perfect day.

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