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Monday, 12 December 2011

A star

 Josh played the lead star in his school's Nativity this morning, he was really good and brought the three wise men to baby Jesus.
But alot of the time it was a bit boring for a young lad, they all sung beautifully, there were no tears and they all performed well.

 A few stitches more, it's coming along well, can't wait to complete it, I have a new project from this designer starting on 10th January. Winter watergarden is now a WIP, I think it's going to be a summer finish, after starting late I have never caught up and this sampler came along..........
I have had a great day off, spending time with Fliss and Sammy, bit of shopping loads of chatter and laughter, now an evening in with Kev and may be a glass of red.

2 post in one day, my goodness, I have been busy.

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  1. Your stitching is just so amazing. Everytime I see it I am in awe.



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