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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

TUSAL December

 Just a few threads this time, life really did get in the way of stitching.

 The pot for the year looks really good, my ORT's are pushed down in this pot, 
I have enough to stuff a heart, and I have a couple to sew up.
 One present I had from hubbie Kev, was this hanger, this is the most simple design, but perfect for my collection of hearts, I have more to add, and as yet I'm not sure where it will be placed in the house, but I want it on view, I love my collection of stitched hearts, and I have plans to make more.
Our Christmas was perfect, both grandsons were great, we have seen them three days in a row, Josh loved his globe and Sammy was given a push along duck, which quacks and is musical, he loves it, but there is no off switch, poor mummy and daddy. Lunch cooked by Su and Gav was perfect, the evening at home together was the perfect end to a great day. Yesterday we went for our Boxing day walk along the sea front at Lee-on the Solent, the tide was high it was breezy but again we all enjoyed the walk, Josh had his new scooter.

Today is a day at home together, I would like to do some stitching, I have not picked up my work for almost a week!


  1. LOVE your HEART Tree . . . there is something quite festive with all the hearts hanging on it.

  2. So glad you had a good Christmas. Your stand is a beautiful gift.



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