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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

In daylight

 I took some photo's in daylight, our tree above and the shelf in our hall way below, I am so pleased to be able to use my star, I did think of putting it on top of the tree, maybe next year.

 Purdy is getting over her op, the collar stays on until Friday, but she is not really bothered by it, Grace is settling on our sofa, it's getting colder out side.
 Santa is back out, Josh loved again this year, we had one year when he cried each time it played.
Not done alot of stitching, been really busy, doing not alot, I have to finish making my cards they are made just have to put the decorations on the front, I also have to finish my Christmas cake, it's made just needs icing. We are at Su and Gav's for Christmas dinner, so nothing for us to plan there, and as yet I have not wrapped a present. I feel a bit of a mad rush this weekend.

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