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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Confused garden

 My garden does not know what season it is.

Each morning I still have to pick up leaves from our tree, it still has a few hanging on, which is very late in the year, but look closer and you can see buds forming. What is going on?
 In this little garden my winter pansies are in full bloom, but the long green leaves are for spring bulbs growing in December.
 In this garden I have fuchsia blooms in the corner, and a fuchsia bush growing near the front, in the middle I have bedding plants with buds on, and the others are still growing.
It's the maddest weather we have had, each year the flowers last longer, but this year they have started regrowing, even my two rose bushes I cut back have leaves on them.

I am working again today, only a short day finish at 4pm, then another long weekend off, loads to do, but to start my brother Martin arrives today for a visit.


  1. My garden is confused too. Just hoping we dint get a first to kill the new growth.

  2. When I taught science, I found out that trees always set their buds in the fall. If you look close at the bottom end of the stem, it forms around the bud. When the bud is mature enough, it outgrows the stem of the leaf and the leaf falls off.

    Our cherry tree, whose limbs touch our kitchen windows, is full of buds. I am always suprised that the squirrels don't eat the buds. I would think they would be sweet tasting?



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