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Thursday, 8 September 2011

20 small's makes.......

 one big finish.............
 I have done my silly cow and my union jack flag, 
both different than you would expect, I really enjoyed the patterns.

 I love the centre panel, it has a bit of every thing and alot of me, my sewing, gardening, Grace my cat with five birds above her head, each bird is the to remember a much loved cat.

Lizzie Kate spring "ABC" was perfect for the centre, I added a couple of butterfly's and a bee. Faye Whittaker "All our yesterday's" provided the Guard, I added the green and white plume to make him a Welsh Guard. Most of the other patterns were from magazines The World of Cross stitching being  the most used.

I have put our grandchildren name and year they were born in the panel, I used a modern text style for this side, I also added Fliss and Su, they were always going to be here, but until the last minute I had not decided where.

 I have on this side three hearts, one for both Kev and myself and one celebrating 25 years of marriage. There are 5 hearts, one each for our children, I have 2 daughter's and Kev has two son's and a daughter.

Below is my sewing machine and books, both I always have close to me.

My bottom panel I decided to keep simple, I did half cross stitch in the pale creamy yellow

Now all I have to do is frame it, I have all I need, so it will be displayed on our sitting room wall for Saturday.

 One big tip, each time I chose a thread colour, after I had finished using it I popped it into my clear bag, as a result I was able to use the same colours more than once, I felt this helped hold the sampler together and kept it from being messy.
Now my plan is small projects for a while and read a book, after 5months of stitching one project, it's time for a bit of fun.

Thank you for every one who has left me comments along the way, it's has helped me to choose and stitch this very special project.


  1. This is a pure work of art Marlene and completely unique as you have designed it yourself ~ what a fabulous heirloom for all your family to enjoy in years to come.

  2. Love the finished piece! It's fantastic...so personal. Love all the litle details and the way you have used the colours certainly was a good idea to keep it looking as one piece. Well done!
    Happy Anniversary too!

  3. Totally AWESOME! That is the cutest cow I have seen . . . he fits so well in the sampler.

  4. Absolutely amazing finish! <3

  5. Your sampler turned out great! This is a very special piece. Enjoy.

  6. What a beautiful project . Well Done on completing it in time for your celebrations . I'm sure it will bring you lots of pleasure seeing it on your wall .X

  7. Oh that is stunning :) What a job and it just looks perfect. It will look so nice framed :)

  8. Congrats on a lovely and unique finish! It's been such a treat watching this grow from the start.

  9. So creative, and beautifully done! I know this will be enjoyed for many years to come. Congratulations on such a wonderful finish.

  10. This is lovely and I admire that you can get to the end and finish something. I start so many bigger projects and lose interest. I can understand you now wanting to do some smaller things for a while. Congratulations you have created an heirloom. Gill

  11. This piece is beautiful! You did such a great job pulling all these little designs together to make one very pretty sampler.



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