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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Leftovers, a book and a WIP

I had been very busy and made the cup cakes as well as the anniversary cake, above is how they looked on the afternoon, below is all that is left, Kev loves fruit cake so he is very happy to have a slice each evening. We are going on a picnic on Sunday with both daughters and their children, so I will make more chocolate cup cakes, Josh will be very pleased.

After all the stitching of my family sampler, I wanted to read a book, I have had this one waiting for a while, it took me three days to read it, it's the best story I have read in ages, and you could never guess the plot, I have heard the film is not very good, but the book is great, Fliss is next to read it.
I am also stitching this week, I started this one in June, so it will be nice to get it finished, I will make it up for Fliss, she loves this style.

Su has been given a small sewing machine, which I hope we can use at the weekend, Su is not good at sewing, so it will be mum doing all the work.


  1. Your cakes looked beautiful and I always think it's a great compliment when there's nothing left :) I read that book years ago and might have to read it again. Your sewing looks lovely as always :)

  2. Your cakes looked lovely. Nothing goes to waste! Look forward to seeing the stitching finished.



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