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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

This stitching is on white 32 count aider, my photo is very dark, but it is coming along nice, it's only a few inches across so another small piece, which will stitch into a padded heart.
I have also read another book, I am a book worm at heart, I did enjoy this one, I love most of the things Sue Johnston appear in, so I found her book very interesting.
My garden is looking good, we have had a bit of sunshine so my favorite flowers are blooming.
As is the strawberry plants above, I don't think I will have fruit on them, and below my chili peppers are doing well. Almost all my veg plot has finished, I have leeks and onion to go in soon.
Our picnic was rained off at the weekend but not until we have made all the food, so we had a mini picnic in our sitting room, which was good fun. Plus an expensive visit to the dentist, we also have been looking at art for our sitting room wall, more on that next time.

Work is very busy so the days are going quickly, as is the evenings, but tonight at eight, we will watch the great British bake off, both Kev and I love it, and we even have the last of the cup cakes to go with our coffee.

Paula. this pattern was from a magazine,  
but some of the others I have stitches have been my own design


  1. Your cross stitch is beautiful - love the colours :) Your garden is still looking good - ours sadly took a real battering from the storms we had:(

  2. I think I have asked you this before, but not sure.

    Do you buy the heart patterns or do you make your own? They are all so nice!

  3. The patchwork heart is very sweet and your garden is looking great.



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