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Sunday, 25 September 2011

A finish and a trip out

 My heart is finished, I am going to sew this and another one I have into small hangings, Su has been given a small sewing machine which she wants me to try out for her, I will show you next time.

We popped out this morning, we wanted to stay local, so we visited Fort Nelson about 10 minutes drive from us, which is above Portsmouth on a huge hill, looking down over the bay. It has local history from both wars, and neither Kev or my self have been there, if you want to know more pop here
I am trying to find things to do at the weekend, I have had enough of the trip to town to trawl the shops buying things you don't need, just because you see them, our parents only shopped when some thing wore out or broke, when did this mass weekend shopping start, and with Christmas coming everybody just goes mad!!

 My third book I have read, the author was in our local bookstore so I decided to try her latest book, the ending was very predictable,  I would call this a coffee shop read, very light with a simple plot. I will not be buying another or her books not normally what I would read.
Below one of my orchids is still in full bloom, I brought a couple a  few weekends ago.
Nothing much planned for the rest of the afternoon, a bit of sewing. Later we are out to a pub with friends, twice in one weekend, we are always meeting friends in local pubs on a Friday evening. Should have done some gardening, but all the knelling and bending does not do my  joints any good.

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  1. Pretty finish with the heart. Love your orchid, I have a number of them in my kitchen and they have been flowering for a few weeks now. I wish my white one would flower, it hasn't flowered for nearly two years.



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