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Friday, 23 September 2011

Our friends.............

         were great on our anniversary, we asked for no presents, after downsizing our home just under 2 years ago, we really did not want more things to display, so we asked those who wish to pop something into our art fund. A bit cheeky but it suited us.  We have been looking for art for our sitting room wall for ages, our problem was two fold, Kev and my taste differ and most every thing we see was expensive.
But in our local art shop I saw this in the corner, not the best photo, the colours called, I had said I did not want any prints, I wanted something in oils. but as we looked closer we saw....
 its pair, London and Paris, they are by Henderson Cisz, he has done loads as you can see here we have been looking at New York as well. So we are very happy to have two prints on our sitting room wall, now we need to get our friends back to show them off!

 I used the prints to make our thank you card, 

We have nothing planned this weekend, Su and Gav are away at a wedding and it's Fliss and Steve's 12th wedding anniversary, so we hope to see them, just rest a bit of gardening and sew and I have another book to read, I will finish my little heart as well.


  1. Love the prints you chose, especially the London one. Nice choice!

  2. I so prefer watercolor. But, I, like you, have fallen in love with the two pictures you bought.

    Isn't it nice to sit back in your sitting room and go "Ah-h-h-h-h-h" when you look at them ?

  3. Beautiful pictures, lovely living room. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  4. Those are gorgeous. I love Paris, London, Rome, Venice in pastels, oils, watercolor.... tiles, postcards.... whatever.

    I just love the landmarks. Those are soooooo gorgeous. Enjoy them and then look at each person and make up a story for them. I think that is cool.

    Very awesomely cool!



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