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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A post for Heather

 Yesterday I was sad to see Heather, upset by some one's misplaced comments, today I feel really proud to part of our corner of blog land, every one is so supportive of her, which is right when one of us hurt we all hurt, so.............................

Here are just a few ( and there are loads) of ruined, unfinished work, so Heather if you see this take heart, we are very good at showing you the great pieces we finish, here is my scrap box.

This forever friends, I ruined by the back stitch, I stitched it for my sister many years ago, with the practice I have had, my back stitch is much improved.
Please every body show your work you have hidden up to now, we are all the same stuffing work like mine above in the bottom of your work basket and then in the deep drawer and then it finds it's way to the attic, should have binned this years ago glad I kept it.


  1. Years ago, I taught a unit on Islam and one of the things I remember most was information about the Persian Rug Makers. They ALWAYS put a flaw/mistake/error in every rug. They feel ha only Allah is perfect, so hey can not be.

    I remember that whenever I stitch or crochet . . "so what, who cares"

    Oh, and when I firs learned to sew, I always had problems with my back zippers. Mom would always say, "If anyone gets close enough to see the mistake, they love you so they won't care." So those sewing errors became less painful.

  2. Fantastic idea! I've followed a trail from Heather's blog
    to yours :)

    LOL, I've got some ufo's hidden away... I did have a Forever Friends that I threw down in disgust: I'd started, done maybe a half inch square. When I picked it up again, somehow I turned it upside down! The resultant mess was unsalvageble. I ended up cutting out the stitching and cutting up the linen into smaller pieces. I still love the picture but I don't know if I can stomach starting over.

    Off to find some of my stitching disasters...


  3. I will dig mine out over the next couple of nights and show them off - now where have I stashed them..... LOL

    BTW, Great idea!!!

  4. Kudos Marleen, show em proud. Everyone has these types of projects! Not everyone will show them but we all have had those ones that just don't make the cut in our own minds...
    I always stood firm on the fact that we are our own worst critics and that is how is should be.
    Be always in stitches

  5. I'll be taking part in this action too, I'll be showing my backs and my mixed stitches, since I don't have UFOs, I finish all my projects either they have tons of mistakes or any, for me that's what makes them mine, and as Paula says, no one is perfect and my stithes are like me with flaws, I don't plan to sell my stitching and if I do stitch for a friend or family, they would love it no matter what, so.... no one will care why should I right :)

  6. You have practice pieces too???? I have the same Holiday Bird Margaret Sherry practice piece. LOL. It's your piece's exact twin. I did the face and the breast and when I got to the bottom, practice was over.

    I have lots of practice pieces. Knitting practice, cross stitch practice, crochet practice, LOTS of quilting practice pieces that are still pieces. LOL.

    Glad to know that someone else practices as much as I do.

    I have to say that your Forever Friends piece is absolutely priceless. I am sure that your sister thinks so too. Those are really tough to backstitch.

    Thanks for sharing your practice pieces.

    I am speechless at Heather's story. I can't imagine the hurtfulness caused to such a kind crafter.




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