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Saturday, 7 December 2019

Life at home

I am loving my yarn from my advent calender, I've opened 7 doors so far, there are a few more balls in my photo, which I already had, all from the Hedgerow yarns. I really love this seller, there was no plastic in either parcels, everything is recyclable, I feel a project coming on in the new year.  
I was busy on Friday and did not get anything I planned done, mummy and daddy came to visit with Will and George, and we popped out for lunch. Will was very excited to see all the Christmas decorations, he loved our Santa hat, George was given his Santa hat, it's the only one tiny enough for him to wear. 
I really enjoyed this book, it's the 1st read by Jane Casey, I will add her to my list of authors. 
Another brilliant book, I loved the storyline, again very different for me, I could not put this book down.
I have loved every book I have read from this author, but this one has started very dark, I'm not giving up on it yet. 
We have a weekend at home, no visitors expected, so I should be able to get things done, we will pop to our local community centre, they have their Christmas fayre today, we do like to support local events as much as we can. 
I'm still not feeling festive, but in truth, I feel a huge fog over me, seeing the boys yesterday helped, but I can't shake myself out of this gloom. Hubby is being lovely and trying his best, I know it's down to how I feel and it's up to me to cheer up. I have a busy week meeting with friends and grandsons Josh and Sam, so maybe that can be my turning point. 


  1. I am feeling just like you.Our son in law was due to have a brain tumour removed next Tuesday but they have cancelled and are doing it until February.We were all geared up for Tuesday thinking that after that we would be on the up but no it is hanging over us.

    1. It is hard when family health causes you to worry, I hope your SIL gets his date soon.

  2. What lovely yarn colours, will be interested to see what you do with it. Your grandsons look cute in their hats. I hope your mood picks up soon Marlene, it's not like you to be down x

  3. I hope you can find your way through the gloom. As you say, maybe seeing your grandsons will help you.

    I haven't read any of those books so they have been added to the list. Thanks.

  4. I'm sorry you're feeling so down, this time of year is supposed to be one of joy but it often doesn't feel so for many of us and sometimes for no apparent reason. I'm loving my yarny advent calendar too, I love Hedgerow Yarns, Jane's such a clever dyer.

  5. The cool, damp, dull weather can have a gloomy effect on our mood. I find it does us. We try and get out for a brisk walk when we feel gloomy. We have a daylight simulation lamp that we put on for a while when it's really dull and gloomy. Those gorgeous yarns look like they could cheer up any day. Best, Jane x

  6. Hope you're feeling more cheery soon. And those boys are gorgeous in their hats. Made a note of your books I 'm always on the lookout for new to me, authors.

  7. I just ordered a used copy of Don't Wake Up. The reviews of the first chapter alone will make it a good, can't put it down, read.
    Hope you are doing well. This lack of daylight takes it out of all of us I'm afraid.

  8. I think your grandsons look lovely in their hats :)

    All the best Jan



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