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Thursday, 12 December 2019

Family time

We went out for a meal with Josh and Sam, both are looking very grown up, these are our two eldest grandsons. 
 Mummy sent photo of Will and George wearing their Christmas outfits, under her Christmas tree, these are our youngest grandsons. 
On Monday we saw all four grandsons, it made it a perfect day for me, so much joy and laughter. These boys are our world, both Sam and Josh now have busy lives and we don't see enough of them. Will came with us to our local bistro for an early lunch, he loves seeing the ladies who work there, mummy brought George in for a cuddle early afternoon. We had tea with Josh and Sam, and then spent a relaxing evening at home together. we do miss seeing our Taunton boys and Jake, they all live so far away, Jake will visit with mummy and daddy over the Christmas period.
Tuesday is sadly was the last meeting for our sign class, we had a party lunch together, it was as always great fun, I will really miss our Tuesdays together. I have been attending for 2 years, it's now up to me not to forget all I have learnt. We have promised to meet for coffee, but sadly we know this will probably fizzle out, I am doing a 2nd level online course, and Shelia has promised to help when I need it.
Wednesday I met daughter and the boys in town at 10, we spent time in a few shops, had morning coffee and then watched Will in soft play. Lunchtime I met with a friend, we worked together a few years ago, we caught up with news over lunch, I watched the cute video of her grandson practising his songs for his Christmas play.
Today, I am going with mummy to have George's foot print made into a tree ornament, we have one from Will's 1st Christmas, it's already very wet and dull, so for the rest of the day I will stay home, I still have sewing to finish.
We have already voted, we feel very strongly to which party wins today, with a fear if the other party wins, again we as a country are very divided, I don't think it's been the best election, and most people are saying they are voting for the party which they think will do the least damage. I do feel our wonderful country is on the brink, I hope we can sort everything out and bring us all together again.


  1. Lovely pictures of the boys, Marlene. Yes it's scary isn't it, I don't take any notice of politics normally, but this affects all of us one way or another.

  2. That's a shame about the sign class, sounds like you made some good friends along the way though.
    It's not very nice outside today so you're wise to stay indoors and do something nice instead. I will be voting later when I finish work, personally I think we should have voted the lot of them out and start afresh with people who actually live in the real world and do what they are paid to do, lol

  3. Lovely photos of your grandsons. It's a shame you don't see some of the boys as often as you'd like but it makes it all the more special when you do get to spend time with them. I voted first thing this morning, I'm glad I did as it's throwing it down now.

  4. What a lovely week you've had. It's been very quiet here; cold and rainy and not nice to have to go out, but needs must. I preferred it when it was cold and frosty last week. Enjoy the rest of your week. Best, Jane x

  5. Such lovely photographs of your Grandsons …
    Grandchildren are a joy aren't they :)

    All the best Jan



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