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Friday, 30 August 2019

August roundup

A really low spend month for me, no yarn purchased, and a lovely low spend on the garden, the most expensive item was the copper rings, which are working well and can be used for many years. .
I purchsed no shoes or clothes this month. 
I have been using this chart this month, we purchased a second bin for the kitchen and have been recycling more items, it's helpful to know what you have, I did hear a good tip on a recycling site, a comment was made, if the plastic you have in your hand russles, it can't be recycled, often this printed on as well, one small tip has helped us loads. 
I have already admitted to wasting food this month, whilst hubby was in hospital, I was not eating well and did not watch dates on item in the fridge, we had already done our normal shop, so there was just too much food for me to eat, I did manage to freeze some.
I've not done much else, it's a kind of limbo land, we do have a busy weekend. 


  1. What a great chart. Our council recycles very little plastic now just water and milk bottles.
    Sorry to hear about your husband - I am just catching up with the blogs I read - hope he will get better very soon.

  2. Recycling is so very complicated. I just wish local authorities would take everything and pay trained people to sort. Surely they'd get far more recyclable produce and less going to landfill. I believe Suffolk take everything in there bins.

  3. Your husband was in the hospital. Hospital and recovery give you liberty to eat takeout and not worry about recycling or budget. Just worry about getting yourselves better.

  4. Love the chart for recyclables. Good thing to have handy.

    God bless.



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